Tech Case Study

Designing an Optimized Voice of Customer Strategy


A Technology Client Sought to Design a Focused Voice of Customer Approach for Specific Buyer Personas

A technology client that develops bank products lacked valuable insight into why companies are not using specialized products and solutions. Without this understanding, it was difficult for the client to identify why sales and marketing strategies didn’t have the intended sales outcomes. The client sought to provide competitive offerings for each buyer persona but needed to determine the competitive advantages in each market segment and map optimal value propositions for each persona.


Assess and Design Sales Processes for Specific Customer Segments

For this initiative, the client chose to continue its partnership with Alexander Group to assess voice of customer opportunities, identify target market entry areas and design its sales processes. For this project, Alexander Group began by creating a customer segmentation strategy and building differentiated ideal customer profiles, buying groups and supporting sales processes with ideal sales time profiles for each of these groups. We also worked with the client to conduct a market survey on tax software to unlock Voice of the Customer (VoC) insights that could further inform the design of the sales process.

Key Findings

Single-Site and Multi-Site Customers Make Purchase Decisions Differently

The market survey shed light on the decision-making process of multi-site and single-site customers. For single-site customers, 50% of companies make purchasing decisions at the business level rather than the operating or functional level. For multi-site customers, 78% of purchasing decisions are made on a national level.

Factors that have a strong influence on buying decisions also vary between single-site and multi-site customers. 60% of single-site customers cite return on investment as a key buying factor. For multi-site customers, 40% agree that cost and value-for-money are the key buying factors.


Single site customers

50% make purchasing decisions at the business level rather than the operating or functional level

Multi-site customers

78% of purchasing decisions are made on a national level

Single site customers

60% cite return on investment as a key buying factor

Multi-site customers

40% agree that cost and value-for-money are the key buying factors

Recommendations & Outcomes

Developed a Targeted Sales Process Aligned to Buyer Personas and Growth Vectors

Using the findings uncovered by the market survey, Alexander Group worked with the client to implement sales battle cards that are unique to each customer segment, create a needs assessment and account plan template, and develop formal customer success plans to highlight the ROI of the client’s software products.

To enhance the success of the client’s sales process, we:

Developed differentiated sales motions for each segment based on value propositions
Defined ideal sales time profiles, adjusted for seasonality
Recommended rules of engagement for new and existing customers
Recommended specific campaigns to end users for tailored messaging
Alexander Group was able to work with the client to establish a sales process that will highlight their value to customers and maximize sales opportunities. We expect this approach should enable the client to become a trusted advisor to its customers by highlighting additional revenue opportunities and ensuring marketing campaigns are received by key buying decision-makers.

Engaging an Expert

Building Customer-led Sales Processes

Without insight into the factors that potential customers weigh heavily in their purchasing decisions, it can be a challenge to develop an effective sales process. Alexander Group has the expertise to help you optimize your sales process to achieve greater sales growth and become a trusted partner for your customers.

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