Life Sciences Case Study

Identifying Opportunities to Optimize Commercial Marketing Investments


A Life Sciences Client With Limited Commercial Marketing and Digital Enablement Needed to Drive Next Level Revenue Growth

A global life sciences company faced numerous challenges regarding commercial marketing and digital strategies. The company was held back by inconsistent resourcing and duplication of functions across teams, resulting in fragmented strategic planning and execution. At the same time, growth was hindered by limited holistic KPIs and a technology strategy that was not comprehensive or deliberate. Still, the company sought to achieve growth. This required a careful assessment of individual contributors’ and managers needs for the future state of the company.


Analyze and Define Roles and Responsibilities for Future State Commercial Marketing

The client chose to partner with Alexander Group to provide headcount sizing and structure recommendations, a governance framework, measurable KPIs, and a detailed change adoption plan. We worked closely with the client to:

  • Design 34 future state Commercial Marketing jobs and 18 Digital jobs, outlining roles and responsibilities
  • Define 10 competency areas with 32 associated skills for Commercial Marketing and 6 competency areas with 22 skills for Digital
  • Size individual contributor needs for future-state organization, leveraging current state sizing, managerial expertise and industry standards

Marketing jobs



Key Findings

Marketing Resources Make Significant Contributions to Annual Funnel

Alexander Group identified that the client was on the low end of expected revenue per marketing resource productivity ($10 million vs. $9–$13 million benchmark). The engagement uncovered that marketing employees drive $15 to $20 billion in annual funnel, with one marketing resource generating 1.8 to 2.6 times the average sales representative’s productivity. This highlights a significant reason to accelerate marketing resources and increase investments and competency around marketing and digital talent.

Recommendations & Outcomes

Efficiencies to Realize Savings and Growth

Through this engagement, the client was able to reinvest $2.3 million in net marketing expenses by establishing 12 headcount efficiencies including investment in new roles across commercial marketing and digital. The client also expects that employing Alexander Group’s recommendations will enable them to:

Drive customer-centric value proposition that maximizes lifetime value
Improve customer outcomes and power growth across the customer-buyer journey with a differentiated experience
Productize a frictionless, intuitive, end-to-end digital experience, laser-focused on high-impact customer differentiators
Transform digital capabilities to drive value proposition and harness data to better understand customers
Ultimately, the life sciences client will become a more effective, scalable and modern organization with the right commercial marketing investments and efficiencies. The newly created digital organization will own and execute a commercial digital strategy.

Engaging an Expert

Identifying Strategic Opportunities for Commercial Marketing Optimization

Inconsistent and fragmented commercial marketing resources can limit revenue growth and business development. Alexander Group has the expertise to help you optimize commercial marketing efficiency and investments to achieve an optimal future state.

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