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Revenue Leaders, Meet Alexander Group.

Global experience, actionable insights and proven methodologies to help you build successful sales, marketing and service organizations in today’s dynamic environment.

Challenges and Opportunities

The digital transformation has dramatically affected our business in how we enable our customer-facing sales force as well as how we connect with our customers.

Greg Nesbitt

VP, Global High Frequency, FUJIFILM VisualSonics, Inc.

The rules of revenue leadership have changed. Digital technology is accelerating the pace of business. Companies are challenged to invest in new revenue models while maximizing short-term performance. Customers have the power of information and dictate the rules of engagement. Organizations struggle to execute go-to-customer strategies that deliver a seamless experience across functions. New skills are critical, but the demand for talent is intensely competitive and costly.

Like most revenue-focused executives, you need to make this year’s number, prepare for next year and lay the groundwork for the future. You require insights and benchmarks to assess performance and inform your decisions. You need to equip your sales, marketing and service organizations to deliver measurable value in a way that will differentiate your products and services, command a premium, and deliver profitable, sustainable revenue growth.

Your peers are struggling with the same issues, not only within your line of business, but across industries. They are seeking solutions to navigate today’s dynamic landscape and successfully take control of the revenue engine. They want growth management experts who are client-focused, revenue-centric and results-oriented. That’s why they turn to Alexander Group.

Revenue Growth Leadership

Alexander Group partners with you to build the right revenue vision, transform your organization and deliver results.

With unparalleled domain expertise, deep industry knowledge and data-driven insights our experts help you:

  1. Identify the size of the prize. Quantify and gain insight into your true growth potential. Identify the right revenue segments to convert new customers, retain current business and expand mutually beneficial relationships.
  2. Differentiate from the competition. Meet today’s 24×7 buyers how, when and where they want in order to generate increased awareness of your solutions. Deliver outcome-based insights to de-risk the assessment phase. Ensure meaningful adoption of your solution to establish customer realization on the value they demand.
  3. Align resources. Break down the silos to work across functions and get the most out of your limited resources. Improve sales ROI with the right digital investments, roles, coverage model and rules of engagement.
  4. Attract, enable, retain talent. Build a destination organization for new hires with the right culture, onboarding programs and development. Create organizational strength with sales compensation, coaching and performance management programs tuned to your strategy and aligned with corporate objectives.

The Alexander Group is a trusted advisor always willing to lend a helping hand. They are experts in the field, always available to us, and bring expertise unlike any other in the industry.

Mohammad Navid

Group VP, Sales, Delta Dental of CA

Alexander Group = Results

Pinpoint underserved opportunities

Speed up transformation efforts

Increase team performance

Optimize existing revenue & future growth opportunities

Go-to-Customer Solutions

Customized, actionable solutions ensure you are getting high impact and practical advice to design and implement the right go-to-customer approach for your business. We’ll work with you all the way from strategic planning through tactical execution.

At the heart of our work is the Revenue Growth Model™, a proven methodology for increasing revenue through:

  • STRATEGY – Identify and prioritize revenue segments. Define the right acquisition, growth and retention actions. From understanding the needs of the 24×7 customer to building a digital background, Alexander Group helps you operationalize the potential for real revenue growth.
  • STRUCTURE – Bridge the structural walls and establish the right roles, coverage approach and resource levels. Alexander Group helps you align marketing, sales and services teams to maximize productivity and ROI.
  • MANAGEMENT – The revenue leadership equation has changed. Build the skills, capabilities, programs and measurement processes that bring your growth strategy to life. Alexander Group helps you design, implement and manage for continuous improvement and success.
We roll up our sleeves to work alongside your team, developing and implementing programs to drive the best ROI, whether fine-tuning your sales force or radically overhauling your entire go-to-customer model.

Deep Industry Expertise

Alexander Group provides revenue growth management consulting services to the world’s leading marketing, sales and service organizations.

Our 3000+ clients range from large global companies to smaller growth-oriented firms. We bring a highly sophisticated set of best practices to grow revenue and maximize the return on your revenue investments.

A rich repository of unique cross-industry and industry-specific data informs all of our recommendations. Our teams deliver in-depth, specialized insights based on years of consulting and operational experience in dedicated industry practices that include:

Rethink your GTM model

Adapt to changing models

Maximize ROI with proven strategies

Grow through commercial excellence

Re-think your sales strategy

Execute technology-driven sales transformation

Focus on opportunities for growth

Optimize portfolio company value

Drive growth with multiple sales motions

Our Capabilities

The value of commercial analytics

Drive market share and customer experience

Strategies for success

Maximize customer lifetime value

Accelerate revenue growth

Strategies that drive revenue growth

Your foundation for revenue growth success

Proven methodologies to accelerate sales

Create incentive plans that align with corporate objectives

Expertise to drive growth

Get Executive Access now

Strategies to attract and retain talent

Actionable Research and Benchmarks

At Alexander Group, we base our opinions on proven methodologies, experience and facts.

It’s easier to accept risk and initiate change when armed with the knowledge of how companies are winning today and will continue to win moving forward. Alexander Group provides practical, relevant research you can trust—with data that leads to improved decision making and planning.

Some insights are derived from our project work—the thousands of data points on sales utilization, resource allocation and revenue growth that feed our benchmarking database.

The rest come from ongoing research efforts that increase our collective knowledge on revenue growth and best practices:

  • General practice and executive pulse surveys
  • Industry trends, strategies and benchmarking studies
  • Executive interviews
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Advisory councils
  • Custom client studies

Connections That Make a Difference

Alexander Group actively connects leaders both within and across industries who share similar challenges, issues and experiences in managing revenue growth.

Intimate small group settings and larger scale events provide exclusive access to the latest ideas, insights and models needed to create high-performance revenue organizations.

Organized around our annual Leadership Series, peer-level attendees, highly regarded speakers, executive panelists and revenue growth experts from Alexander Group come together to explore today’s most important revenue topics—from big-picture strategy to hands-on execution.

At some events you hear things that you can apply immediately, at others you hear things that stimulate your thinking. The Alexander Group Leadership Series events deliver both.

Reese Madden

Sr. Director, Revenue Operations and Corporate Marketing, Hypertherm

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