Sales Analytics

Understanding and Improving the Utilization of Your Sales Assets

As companies become more focused on the bottom line, they strive for new ways to utilize assets. For example, leaders constantly strive to optimize their investments from under-utilized airplane passenger loads to improved hotel occupancy. Airbnb and Uber are just two companies that revolutionized their respective industries by utilizing the excess capacity that everyday consumers had in their personal investments.

Today’s sales organizations invest in talent, training, support and enablement tools to make their sellers successful. Therefore, it is essential for companies to consistently analyze their return on these investments so they can achieve business goals, serve customers and stay competitive.

Metrics Reveal Utilization Trends

In the sales organization, the under-utilization of investments is apparent in the average cost of sales, sales cost per rep and total compensation costs. In addition, productivity losses are apparent in sales rep turnover, new hire ramp-up times, non-selling time, long sales cycles and deployed sales resources.

Typical scenarios that sales leader face and action they need to take include:


“We’re doing well, but how do we ensure that we stay on top?”

WHAT'S NEEDED: Continuous improvement - Benchmark and emulate internal best practices


“Something’s not working – what can we do to get back on track?”

WHAT'S NEEDED: Diagnose issues and go-to-market benchmark

“We need to change or die – what does our new reality look like?”

WHAT'S NEEDED: Define your future - Benchmark to your destination

The Sales Organization Assessment Framework

Assessing your organization is more efficient when you have a roadmap. An assessment framework will provide a holistic understanding of where you are today and where you want to be.


Where are you today, and what do your metrics reveal? What data and analytics are required to evaluate your current state, set future goals and monitor your progress?


Using advanced analytics, gather comparative industry sales organization data, ensuring accuracy, relevancy and consistent comparisons.


Where do you want to be in the near- or long-term future? What corporate strategy, culture, and goals are needed to be successful?


Select executive and management interviews that provide perspective about company-specific strategy and objectives, while including appropriate changes for the future.


Do you have the talent and expertise to guide your path forward and interpret the changing metrics that reflect progress toward your goals?


Review the results, providing observations and recommendations based on company-specific strategies and objectives, using quantitative and qualitative benchmarks.

Asking the Right Questions

Assessing your sales organization depends upon asking the right questions. Utilization analysis, which incorporates advanced analytics, reveals important trends that require objective review. Corporate strategy and business objectives should also be a guiding factor and include key stakeholder considerations.

During the assessment phase, leaders must address insightful questions that include:


Are you making the right investments in your sales assets? How should those assets be redirected to gain the most value?


Are your sales reps focused on the right priorities? Do you have clear job descriptions, competencies, and risk/reward structure that motivates sellers while still keeping them accountable?


Is your sales team delivering on stated goals? Are quotas and sales objectives clearly communicated and backed by educational and enablement tools?


Do your sales reps believe they have the tools to be successful? Are there mindset shifts that need to occur to get them aligned with your sales strategy?


Do you have the benchmarks, measurements and tools in place for a timely and accurate review of sales results?


Is the organization meeting and exceeding its objectives? Are your investments, goals and organizational structure producing the results you anticipate?

These powerful questions will help determine how to improve, transform and keep your organization competitive. Asking these questions and developing sales strategies are essential to optimizing your sales investments.

Companies often need more resources or perspectives to assess their sales organization objectively. That is why it is vital to partner with firms that have industry expertise in guiding under-utilized companies through the assessment process.

Industry-leading Benchmarks

Alexander Group specializes in helping sales organizations optimize their investments. Using our proprietary database of industry benchmarks, clients clearly understand what it takes to compete successfully, motivate sellers, and achieve best-in-class results.
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