Insight-Led Selling & the Critical Role of Sales Operations

Keeping a pulse on customer needs takes time and effort. That is why Sales Operations must find new ways to gain customer insights that uncover new opportunities.

Sales Operations distills customer insights by capturing the voice of the customer with advanced technologies in addition to direct research with customers and channel partners. As a result, the organization can influence the company’s competitive position and future product lines by building vertical expertise directly into Sales Ops.

Sales Operations must find new ways to gain customer insights that uncover new opportunities.

Turning Opportunities into Action

Sales Operations are an engine of sales productivity for their companies, influencing sales productivity by providing insights as to where the best growth opportunities lie and maximizing high-value sales activities.

Identify the opportunity

The Sales Ops organization is responsible for identifying the most attractive markets to build the foundation for a clear sales strategy. Using appropriate data and analytics, Sales Ops identifies account opportunities by sector, region, district and territory.

Convert the opportunity into a strategy

Sales Ops provides sellers with a list of these account opportunities, supported by tailored messaging about the account. For example, Sales Ops includes information on whether the company is a current client or a new prospect and if it has a high or a low sales potential.

Enable reps for success

Sales Ops also identifies the training and enablement tools necessary for the rep to be successful. Solutions can include a variety of data, services and support that include populating CRM systems, identifying high-impact case studies, collaborating on professional marketing collateral pieces, creating a list of customer references, collecting customer insights from social media, and maintaining a list of go-to solution experts.

Reps can increase their productivity while lowering organizational costs with a clear strategy and the tools to expand product lines, channels and markets.

Aligning Tasks and Resources

While training and enablement tools help reps with the initial win, Sales Ops should continue to provide support, following a robust sales strategy and an eye on rep productivity. Focusing on high-value activities, including customer-facing activities and relationship building, Sales Ops can facilitate shifting low-value tasks like billing issues or order status to appropriate staff.

Sales Operations can improve seller productivity by:

Customer Messaging, Resources and Enablement Tools

Sales Ops ensures that reps continue to get the information and support they need to fulfill the overall sales strategy through messaging, resources and tools.

Customer messaging

Reps need to know who they are talking to and how to craft the best message to ensure interest. These messages frequently fall into three categories:

  • Price sensitive
  • Product and features
  • Process disruption

Disruptive ideas and messaging are critical to differentiation. Sales Ops can find and leverage these disruptive factors by dedicating resources to researching customers and developing sales collateral that captures the imagination and interest of the customer.


Sales Ops can increase seller productivity by connecting them with valuable company resources that include:

  • Data Specialists who spot industry or customer trends and opportunities
  • Renewal Specialists who get sellers out of routine transactions to focus on opportunities
  • Inside Sales resources who create and qualify leads and handle remote customers, saving outside sellers valuable time


Sellers now require digital resources, technology and support to serve customers and can include:

  • Digital enablement resources ensure that sellers remain connected to the company with advanced platforms, analytics, training and digital tools
  • Playbooks will articulate the steps, resources and timing needed to execute complex sales processes
  • Cases, references and up-to-date product and solution documentation are valuable for upselling and cross-selling opportunities

Successful Sales ops provide real and sustainable competitive differentiation. By combining analysis, support and tools, Sales Ops helps leverage company strengths, bridge internal barriers, and deliver knowledge-based, insightful value to customers.

Seizing Growth Opportunities

Markets are highly competitive and changing fast. However, sales Ops leaders understand that a clear value proposition, backed by sales expertise and extensive corporate resources, wins and keeps accounts. For more information on how to grow your sales operations organization, contact us.

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