Business Services Case Study

Scaling Small Cap Companies

Rapid scaling required a new GTM strategy


Leveraging a Persistent Need

Healthcare, technology, and a handful of other industry verticals have a critical need for qualified candidates, especially when their recruiting resources are stretched thin. As a leader in the staffing and recruitment sector, this client was ready to scale their footprint across the U.S. and grow revenue 40% over the next three years.

To reach this goal, this firm required assistance in evaluating five key areas:

1. Coverage model

Coverage model to further optimize their go-to-market (GTM) strategy

2. Account management performance

Account management performance, including ownership definition and processes, to improve sales expansion opportunities

3. Sizing and deployment model

Sizing and deployment model to right-size market segment volume and reps

4. Quota setting

Quota setting to improve alignment between leadership and sellers

5. Sales compensation

Sales compensation to help recruit and retain sales reps

Project Approach

Current State to Future Success

To clarify the current state, assessing these five areas required a comprehensive review of the company’s current GTM strategy, organization, and sales compensation programs. Cost, investment, coverage, and compensation metrics and benchmarks would reveal areas for improvement. In addition, Alexander Group conducted a sales time survey to clarify seller roles and perspectives. Finally, developing future state plans needed to be cost-effective and align with the client’s growth strategy, goals and market practices.

Key Findings

Time is Money

Alexander Group’s assessment revealed that account executives spent 36% of their time in pre-sales activities, compared to an industry average of 25%. This finding highlighted the opportunity for additional focus and the need to optimize prospecting activities performed by Marketing.

In addition, less than half of deals achieved the desired gross margin targets, indicating an opportunity to modify compensation plans.

time spent in pre-sales activities, compared to an industry average of 25%

less than half of deals
achieved the desired gross margin targets

Recommendations and Outcomes

Sales Comp Redesign as Part of GTM Strategy

Scaling requires more than just sales comp adjustments. Understanding customer profiles is also essential. This client benefited from an evolved customer segmentation model based on drivers that included customer lifetime value (CLV), attractiveness and account profitability, requiring better alignment between sales roles and their assigned account lists.

After finalizing the coverage design, Alexander Group created a headcount deployment model based on the overall GTM framework for each region, considering market opportunities and current account volume. Next, Alexander Group redesigned the GTM organizational structure, creating appropriate sales roles and rules of engagement. Finally, assessing the marketing organization led to recommendations for better alignment with the sales organization.

Specific recommendations included:

Adding new logo acquisition metrics, including customers and sales volume, to further incentivize account executives
Refining cross-sell and upsell mechanics while ensuring proper crediting of commissions and bookings

Increasing the gross margin target while incentivizing sales reps to exceed the new target via more inflection points and higher commission rates

Aligning payouts with persuasion events to streamline processes and provide greater payouts upfront
Shifting from a cost-of-sales approach to a cost-of-labor model and metrics

During the first implementation phase, the client experienced the benefits of simpler, more strategy-aligned compensation plan designs and streamlined administration. In addition, more attractive compensation plans better support recruiting and retaining top talent.

The client also realized the importance of an advanced GTM market model would be required to scale the organization and is putting projects in place to ensure a holistic, strategic approach.

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