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Artificial Intelligence in Sales

AI Use Cases to Improve Accuracy of Sales

Nearly 50% of surveyed sales leaders are using AI-enabled tools for sales forecasting and over 30% are using AI for sales performance analytics and quota setting. How is AI being implemented to drive sales productivity and profitability?

In sales, growth plays include cross-selling and upselling, increasing sales rep productivity and enhancing commercial talent management. AI serves as a growth play “accelerator” being used for:

Data capture and analysis

Example: To better understand share of wallet, use AI to predict and reveal what customers purchase from competitors and the quantity of untapped account potential.

Predict and Reveal What Customers Purchase From Competitors, and Quantify Untapped Account Potential

Strategy design and execution

Example: Equipping sellers to sell new offerings can be a daunting task. Use AI to generate optimized training sequences for sellers to learn the value proposition for new offerings.

Map Offerings to Customer Needs

Understand What Complementary Products/Services Have the Highest Likelihood of Success

Create Clear & Effective Playbooks

Help Sellers Prioritize Tasks Within Certain Accounts and Across Key Buyers

Equip Sellers to Sell New Offerings

Generate Optimized Training Sequences for Sellers and Marketers to Learn the Value Proposition for New Offerings

Content and interaction generation

Example: To better customize communication based on personas, use AI to draft sales outreach messages at scale using layers of customer, product and usage data.

Want more?

To get the most out of your AI investments, it’s important to understand which sales growth plays matter for your organization and consider piloting AI tools to test and evaluate use cases.

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