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Artificial Intelligence in Revenue Operations

AI Use Cases to Improve Accuracy of Revenue Operations Functions

In revenue operations, AI can be used to improve multiple functions including content tagging, predictive modeling, interpreting unstructured data, enabling chatbots and gathering competitive intelligence.

AI serves as a growth play “accelerator” specifically for data capture and analysis, strategy design and execution, and content and interaction generation.

Data capture and analysis

Enabling better decision-making with clean data.

Use AI to continuously gather and clean both structured and unstructured data to alleviate workloads, improve accuracy and minimize blind spots to drive optimal strategic decisions.


Alleviate workload and improve accuracy by automating time-consuming data collection processes.

Minimize blind spots by using AI tools like Momentum to capture previously untracked information from call recordings, emails, and text documents. 


Automate tedious and time-consuming data cleaning tasks through utilization of Machine Learning algorithms.

  • Identify and correct errors or inconsistencies
  • Standardize, normalize and format data
  • Understand data gaps, including aged data


Get a complete market view by using tools like Tactic to scrape structured and unstructured data from external sources such as:

  • Investor Reports
  • Webinar Transcripts
  • Social Media Platforms
  • News Outlets
  • Customer Reviews

Strategy design and execution

Improve forecasts and planning via advanced trend analysis.

Use AI to improve the accuracy of traditional forecasting by combining 1st and 3rd party data sources for advanced analytics.

Content and interaction generation

Align KPIs across commercial teams.

Use AI to sync previously siloed KPIs to strengthen strategic alignment across teams. AI-enriched KPIs can provide greater visibility into potential outcomes and solutions and recommend actions to optimize performance.

Provide greater visibility into potential outcomes and solutions 

Recommend actions to optimize performance

Detect novel patterns and trends

Identify gaps in performance and suggest corrective actions

Want more?

AI is a powerful tool that can bring immediate improvements to revenue operations functions.

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